Get complete peace-of-mind knowing if the medication you’re storing has gotten too hot or too cold

Get complete peace-of-mind knowing if the medication you’re storing has gotten too hot or too cold

EDGE® Medication Monitor is an easy-to-use wireless sensor for your temperature-sensitive medication


You can trust the EDGE Medication Monitor

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“I just love the EDGE Medication Monitor. It gives me confidence and peace-of-mind knowing my medication has stayed within range and hasn’t lost any effectiveness due to temperature exposure.”
~ Sam B., Customer

Sam B. was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in his 70s and has been taking an anti-inflammatory biologic ever since to treat it. His medication comes in single-dose prefilled cartridges with an autoinjector to make it easier for patients like Sam to self-administer the medication. Because it’s a biologic, it also needs to be stored in a refrigerator and kept between 36⁰F and 46⁰F.

Learn how Sam found his way to Temptime and a solution for monitoring the temperature of his medication.


Did you know?

Many State Boards of Pharmacy require pharmacies to check the temperature of refrigerated medicine regularly. This is because maintaining the proper temperature of this medication is critical for optimizing its effectiveness.

The requirement to store the medication at the appropriate temperature does not stop once you receive it. In fact, the most critical time for temperature management is just beginning since it is now up to you. As a patient, you want to be sure that your medication is always stored in the proper temperature range. But how can you do this?

It’s simple with the EDGE Medication Monitor.


On-Demand Temperature Readings

The EDGE Medication Monitor is a small, lightweight sensor you can place next to your medication in refrigerators and coolers that:

  • Monitors temperatures 24/7 
  • Sends temperature information through Bluetooth®
  • Allows readings to be taken without opening the refrigerator or cooler 
  • Gives you fast, easy access to temperature readings using the EDGEVue app

The EDGE Medication Monitor is an FDA-registered medical device that uses the same technology developed for and used by pharmaceutical companies and specialty pharmacies around the globe for more than a decade.

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Did you know?

Some spots in the refrigerator are colder than others and can actually cause medication to freeze. How full a refrigerator is can affect air flow, which also causes the temperature to fluctuate—sometimes by as much as 15 degrees over a 24 hour period. And what if the power goes out or your refrigerator stops working?

And when you travel…

Whether you’re going across town, or away for days—it’s impossible to know if coolers or hotel refrigerators keep your medication in the right temperature range.

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The EDGE Medication Monitor eliminates the guesswork, giving you an instant notification when you use the EDGEVue app whether your medication has been exposed to potentially damaging temperatures.

From a name trusted by pharmacies and global health organizations around the world.

Get complete peace-of-mind knowing if the medication you’re storing has gotten too hot or too cold.

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